WatchOS 10 Preview

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  Let us go through all the changes that have come up with the OS10 this is a beta so you can also install it.

Software update feature 

 All you have to do is go to the software update section of the watch. And when you click over here, you actually have to click on the beta updates. Usually, this will be off for normal users. 

When you click on it, you have to select the Watch OS10 public beta, and here you will get an update. It is roughly 1.1 GB so it took around an hour and a half to install on the watch as well. It’s a pretty hefty update.

New watch faces

 Let us go through all the changes that have come to the watch. It has  2 new watch faces that have come up. the snoopy one, and when the always-on display comes up, it looks really cool as well.

Before going through the watch face, I’ll start with the important change that has come up over here. You can no longer swipe to change the watch faces that you used to do before, and that is a major change in how you interact with your device. If you need to change the watch faces now you have to long press and then only you can change the watch faces. So this is one of the new updates that have come up, and this is one of the two new watch faces that have come up in the new Watch OS 10 update. It looks very cool in my opinion. 

There are three colors that are changing constantly over here as the second clock is moving ahead. It looks really cool, and I think you can customize it as always with different colors as you like, and when you swipe, you can customize the complications really well. 

And the 2nd watch that was already on is the Snoopy watch over here. It looks really good, and it just brings out a lot of memories of our childhood as well. Really nice, really cool. 

Widget feature 

The second major update that has come up is basically with the widgets. Now the widgets can be directly shown when you rotate the crown, so it’s a very easy way to glance at the information you need. As soon as you rotate the crown, you can see you are on this widgets page over here, and when you move here. All the recent Wizards that you have opened up will be stacked one after another. 

Where you have the health app, we have the calendar app, we have the weather app, and a few shortcuts. It looks really good. I would say that at a glance, you have the information that you require very easily, and here is where we get to see other changes.

 So when you go to the Health app now, it looks a little bit different. You have different modes right here it is not just the ring that was there previously, and as you move along, you see. It looks a little bit different from before, and it gives you a better look. It looks more intense. I would say the color scheme has changed slightly, and it is definitely looking really good in this new watch OS 10. And when you click on this again, you have these shortcuts to go. So when you click, we have the weekly summary over on the top. Here you can start sharing, so there is a slight change when it comes to the health application, the way it is seen on the watch OS Another change again.

 When you move in the weather app, you have multiple information, again not much. If I click over there again, it’s a simple one where you rotate the crown to take multiple pieces of information. But when you are on the first screen over here, I think you should look at the fact that when you click on it, you see multiple pieces of information. The visibility, humidity, and temperature metrics are amazing. So again, this is more interactive, it is viewing more information on normal touches, and this is a very neat update I would say that has come to the watch OS will make people use the weather app more. 

Control Center feature

 This comes up with another change when you click. On this, you see the Control Center. It looks cleaner now. I think they have made slight changes where the background wallpaper or the watch OS that the watch face is on gets blurred, and you get this Control Center. It looks really clean now. I think it is cleaner now because there is a blurry transparent screen on the back. It looks very good. And one more thing when you go to the menus, click the crown, and you get into the menus. Again, all of the ally apps are stacked one on top of the other. It is just before, but for now, the color scheme has slightly changed. Overall, in the watch-over stand, it looks more saturated now, and on this OLED screen, it looks very beautiful. 

View panel

So when you go to the end, you can very easily change between the list view and the grid view. It’s right there in the end, so we have to move right, to the end of the app to actually change the view.

  So again, this is another change that has come up with Watch OS. When you go into the settings again, the settings look very good, They are stacked one below the other, and I think they are very neat and clean. They have just slightly changed the color scheme, because of which everything looks much cleaner now, which was not the case before and is really nice and new. 

Notification panel

The notification panel is exactly the same swipe from the top but the major change is that you cannot change the clock faces just by swiping, 

All the features that have come up over here may not be there in the final version. So as soon as more updates come to this I’ll keep on updating, and I think these are all the major changes that have come up to Watch OS 10 so far that I have been able to guess, and if you guys have some. 


Features that have come up and that I might have missed, you can write in the comment section below, and I think we’ll help each other out with what’s new in this update as well, guys. 

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