iPhone 14 pro key features

Design feature

Apple has redesigned a lock screen for the iPhone with iOS 16 but iPhone 14 pro users have a few exclusive wallpapers and lock screens

It comes in four different colors you have space black, silver gold and deep purple, mimicking the four colors that the iPhone 14 is available in. 

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The image source can be found at https://www.apple.com/iphone-14/


The new a16 bionic processor in this phone is faster than previous generations and also faster than the a15 bionic processor. It also has 50 more memory bandwidth, a new display controller, an improved image signal processor for camera features, and better low-light performance.

Meet the Dynamic island

Meet the Dynamic island, This is the redesigned true Dev camera system, which is more than 30 percent smaller, providing more screen real estate for all of your content and a slew of new features. This Dynamic island can change shape by expanding and contracting like a liquid. Depending on how you use it, you can see the status of things and see background features. a third-party app that shows live sports scores It can notify you when you are recording something, when your AirPods connect, when the battery is charging, and many other things. The dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro will undoubtedly impress you.  

image 5

The image source can be found at https://www.apple.com/iphone-14/


 If you go to settings, accessibility audiovisual, and turn on and off sounds, you will get a chime on your iPhone every time it is turned off or back on. It makes a sound.

Display feature

 the new always-on display is always on You set your phone down, set it on the charger, and that display will automatically dim, giving you your time, and your widget is always visible. it can also change how the background should appear depending on what your background is.

 some of the Apple default collections will just dim themselves to be darker, some will change the colors on them, like these Stripes here, which turn into a black background instead of a lighter colored background, and others, like a photo that you took, can just dim and be less bright and take up less energy when it’s actually on the screen.

Camera quality

Two times the optical quality of Zoom is achieved by using the middle 12 megapixels of the new 48-megapixel wide-angle sensor.  The iPhone 14 Pro has three cameras on the back, but this year there are four different Zoom levels to choose from. There is a 0.5 times optical zoom, which corresponds to the ultra-wide angle lens. There is your one times optical zoom, which is your standard wide-angle lens, and your three times optical zoom, which is your telephoto lens, but this year we have an extra two times optical zoom that is new. 

 so you’re getting the benefits of that primary lens that primary camera, which is the most capable of all of the cameras on your iPhone, and getting that two optical quality Zoom it’s going to be very handy, and it can be used in multiple modes across the board, including panoramas. Apple’s new 48-megapixel wide-angle camera, which serves as the primary camera on your phone. Despite the fact that it has 48 megapixels, you will typically get 12-megapixel photos from your iPhone 14 pro because Apple employs pixel binning, which combines four pixels into one super mega gigantic pixel with significantly more information than a standard pixel. It has a significantly larger sensor than the iPhone 13 Pro.

Satellite connectivity

connectivity via satellite This will be available later this fall in the United States and will allow you to get help when you need it the most. If you are out exploring and do not have cell service, you can now rely on satellite connectivity to get the help you need. You will point your phone toward the sky to get a satellite connection and be able to relay the information you need to emergency responders. Apple will ask me a series of questions to hopefully reduce the amount of data transmitted so it can connect to those satellites faster, and then it will relay that information to Emergency Services on your behalf. If they accept text messages, it will go directly to those emergency services; if they do not accept text messages, it will go to a call center, which will then relay that information to the emergency services on your behalf via voice.

Crash detection

crash detection Apple has added a bunch of new software and Hardware features and changes to enable crash detection on the iPhone 14 pro For example, there is a new high GeForce accelerometer that can detect accelerations and decelerations at up to 256 G’s. it combines that data with what is gathered from the gyroscope, which can measure instant changes in direction, so if you had an impact on your front, your side, or behind you, then the barometer will chime in and it’ll measure the pressure change in your car’s cabin that can arise from an airbag deploying. Finally, the microphone will be listening for crash sounds. This new crash action feature is automatically enabled whenever you are in a car, so it doesn’t get triggered inadvertently just while you’re doing something else or dropping your phone or something like that it works. 

Action mode

The most notable feature of the iPhone 14 Pro is the action mode. The camera is set to action mode, which allows you to run around and capture amazing footage that is ultra-stabilized. This looks amazing in my testing, and I am very excited about it. It basically gives you the effects of a gimbal while shooting freehand with just your iPhone, so that pretty much covers it. 

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