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What is a Cirkul water bottle? Describe it.

Cirkul is a water bottle with a unique design and twist. The design of the Cirkul Water Bottle will encourage you to drink more water and stay hydrated. The Cirkul water bottle works by infusing water with various flavors and nutrients as you drink via a customizable flavor cartridge system.

What is so unique?

Cirkul has a unique way of jazzing up your glass of water.  Over time, it turns your water bottle into something more than just a glass of plain water.

It looks like a regular water bottle. The whole story lies in the cap of the bottle

The parts of the cap contain: the flavor pack (flavor cartridges). Cirkul calls this a “Sip.” 


  • leakproof design to avoid the spillage of water
  • You can customize your flavor intensity by using the DAIL setup on the lid.
  • Eco-friendly bottles are an alternative to disposables
  • Choice of wide range sips (flavor cartridges) 

Sips are available in a variety of flavors and styles: 

  •  BrewSips (Coffee Flavor and Caffeine)
  •  FitSips (Flavors and Electrolytes)
  • GoSips (Flavor and Caffeine)
  • LifeSips (Flavor and  B Vitamins)
  • PureSips (Unsweetened Flavor )
  • TeaSips (Tea Flavor and Caffeine) 

How does it work for?

It’s so simple to use a Cirkul water bottle, as shown below

Rinse the bottle Fill the bottle with plain water select your “sip” (flavor cartridge)

Put “sip” in the lid. Adjust the flavor intensity from (x-9) by rotating dail on the lid of the bottle as you like.

The flavor in the Sips is one-way, which means that the flavor travels through the Sip to your mouth but not through the water. So it keeps the water clean throughout its use.

On which flavor level do you set the flavor intensity dial?

The letter X indicates that it is simply water. Start with the flavor setting on 1 or 2 if you want carbonated water. Or else the flavor dial is set at about 3 or 4 which is recommended and pretty good; 7, and 8 are strong concentrations depending upon the flavor. It’s just very strong and terrible at 9.

Where can I buy it? How much does it cost?

Each cartridge should get you about 6 uses, or 132 ounces of water (the main bottle is 22 ounces). Even 12 ounces bottles are available

Product Descriptionprice
Cirkull 22 oz Plastic Water Bottle Starter Kit with 4 Flavor Cartridges (Fruit Punch & Mixed Berry & Blue Raspberry & Honeycrisp Apple)$45.99
Cirkul 8 Flavor Variety Pack With Electrolytes, Vitamins, No Sugar, Hydrate & Energy$49.88
Cirkul 12 oz Plastic Water Bottle Starter Kit with Blue Lid and 2 Flavor Cartridges (Fruit Punch & Mixed Berry)$35.00
Cirkul Flavor Random Variety Pack Flavor Cartridges with Assorted Flavors (4 pack)$27.99
22 oz Plastic Water Bottle Starter Kit with Blue and White Lid and 2 Flavor Cartridges (Fruit Punch & Mixed Berry)$31.95
Note: The price chart is as of July 18, 2013, and might vary after some time.
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How do I use a Cirkul water bottle?

Simply fill the Cirkul water bottle with water, attach the Cirkul Sip cap to the lid, select your flavor and water-enhancing strength, and enjoy! The bottle features an adjustable vent that allows you to change the flow of the water and thus customize the flavor intensity.

What is the function of the Cirkul Water Bottle?

The Cirkul water bottle is intended to help you customize your hydration experience. It infuses water with your favorite flavors, vitamins, and electrolytes using patented FlavorCartridge technology for improved hydration.

How long can a Cirkul flavor cartridge be used?

Each flavor cartridge is made to last up to 40 ounces of water. We recommend replacing the flavor cartridge every 2-3 weeks for optimal performance.

Is it safe to consume Cirkul flavors?

Yes! All of our flavors are Food Grade, Non-GMO, Allergen-Free, Gluten-Free, and BPA-Free, so you can eat them with confidence.

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