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Kim Kardashian sparked curiosity among her fans with this teaser

The chilling first look at Kim Kardashian in the delicate teaser for American Horror Story. 

The 32nd video, which was shared on Instagram, shows a slithering circle of women chanting the same word over and over. Then a haunting version of a Rockabye baby plays, with eerie flashes of motherhood-related elements such as a cradle, a bird’s egg falling from a nest, and dividing cells. 

Three show stars are introduced among these images. Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Cara Delevingne, and, of course, Kim. All three have similar hair and makeup styles, making it difficult to distinguish them. Kim does, however, get another moment in the spotlight in the teaser, a wide shot of the Kardashian star seemingly holding a baby in a blanket.

 Although the identities of our leading ladies remain unknown, we do know that the 12th installment of the horror anthology series is based on Danielle Valentine’s upcoming novel, Delicate Condition. 

The novel, which will be released in August and closely follows the story of Rosemary’s Baby, follows protagonist Anna Alcott as she desperately tries to have a baby, gradually becoming convinced that someone or something sinister is working against her.

 Kim’s involvement in the franchise was revealed in April when she posted on her Instagram story. Kris Jenner, Kim’s mother, shared the teaser and wrote Buckle Your Seatbelts with two Blood Drop emojis in response to the news. 

Later that month, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, show creator Ryan Murphy praised Kim’s participation.  Kim is among the world’s biggest and brightest stars, and we are delighted to welcome her to the AHS family, he added. Emma and I are thrilled to be working with such a cultural force. Zachary Quinto, who appears in Delicate, told reporters at the Tribeca Film Festival in June that Kim was so lovely and warm, adding that she seemed really in her element and I was really impressed by her spirit and her openness. I believe she is going to do an excellent job. 

Though no release date has been set for the series, the teaser indicates that the new season will be available soon. And, based on this video, Chris is correct. 

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